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Assess Your Entrepreneurial Skills

Entrepreneurs tend to start ventures that build on specific skills they've already developed and knowledge they've already acquired in a certain occupation or industry, for example, auto repair. But all entrepreneurs tend to share other, more general, skills such as communication, team-building, and creative-thinking skills. Try the assessment exercise below to find out how well you've developed the skills that successful entrepreneurs tend to use to start and grow their ventures.

Remember, this isn't a clinical assessment, but it will give you an idea of where your strengths are and which skills you need to work on. Unlike characteristics, which you need yourself, skills can be acquired by hiring people who have the ones you lack. So don't feel too bad if you don't score well in every category.

Check the column that best describes your skill level.

Skill Not Developed Beginner Quite Capable Very Capable
creative thinking
(I find new ways to solve problems)
planning and research
(I know how and where to find information and how to use it.)
decision making
(I study my option, then decide)
(I set priorities and organize to achieve them)
communication (oral)
(I speak and present clearly and effectively)
communication (writing)
(I produce accurate, clear, error-free writing)
team building
(I know how to assemble, motivate, and empower an effective team)
marketing (selling)
(I know how to sell and can describe what selling involves)
financial management
(I know how to manage cash flow and how to read a bottom line)
record keeping
(I can identify and use business forms; file and record financial transactions)
goal setting
(I set and work toward short-, medium-, and long-term goals)
business management
(I can manage people effectively, delegate responsibility, and answer for the bottom line)

Here are some links you can use to help you assess and build your own entrepreneurial skill levels: