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Is Entrepreneurship for Me?

Is entrepreneurship for you? It can be, since almost anyone can become an entrepreneur. Most successful entrepreneurs have learned to do what they do, and so can you. Of course, not everyone will want to start their own business. However, increasingly, the competitive marketplace is pressuring everyone to become more entrepreneurial. So, instead of asking, "Am I cut out to be an entrepreneur?", you should ask, "How entrepreneurial am I now, and what can I do to become more entrepreneurial?" The following exercise will help you determine approximately how entrepreneurial you tend to be now. From it, and from other self-assessment exercises in MVP, you'll be able to determine how you can become more entrepreneurial.

Check the extent to which each statement below applies to you.

Does this sound like you? That is definitely not me. Sometimes that's me. That's me most of the time. Wow! That's me exactly!
Nobody has to tell me to get to work. I figure out what has to be done and do it before I'm asked.
I like to be in control of whatever jobs I'm doing.
I'm rarely satisfied with the way things are. I want to change them, make them better.
I'm good with people. I enjoy creating teams of people to tackle a challenging task.
I rarely take no for an answer. I am known to be very persistent because I know I can't accomplish much on the first try. I just keep on trying.
If I'm told something is impossible to do, I often can't resist seeing if it's true. I don't mind failing if I learn something in the process.
Whatever job I have, I need to feel that I'm accomplishing something, not just putting in time.
More than anything else, I love to earn money. It gives me freedom and power.
When I'm working for someone else, I'm always thinking of how I'd change things if it were my business.
I'm willing to accept responsibility and take the heat if my decisions are wrong, but I want the credit (or rewards) when I make decisions that produce the right results.
When I'm doing work I really like, I don't mind working hard for long hours. In fact, it doesn't even seem like work.
I have dreams I want to pursue, and I won't be satisfied until I find out whether or not I can achieve them.

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